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    850平台Talking of Mary: her position here was another bite he could not swallow. It had really not been fair of him to foist this kind of thing on Mary. To begin with, the house — possibly the neighbourhood, too, dark, crowded, airless did not suit her. She looked pale and thin, and had never quite lost the cough she had arrived with. How could she, indeed, when she sat for hours at a stretch stooped over her needle? She had no society worth the name — never a drive, a party, a bazaar. Her sole diversion was tending her mother; undertaking the countless odd jobs the old lady and her rheumaticky maidservant had need of. In one way, of course, this was right and proper; and he did not begrudge her to the mother from whom she had so long been parted. His grudge was aimed at another quarter. Soon after Christmas Lisby had made good her escape, and was now established as resident mistress at a Young Ladies’ Seminary, near Leeds. Which wormed, in spite of himself.



    3.Cuffy had docilely retreated to a corner, where he played with a stuff elephant. But on seeing this — seeing his mother, who had been too busy for him, petting the twins who had not even ASKED to be nursed — at this he planted himself before her and regarded her with his solemn black eyes. (“I do declare, Master Cuffy seems to look right through you and out behind, when he stares so,” was a saying of Nannan’s.)
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